Our lawyers are experienced legal professionals who have worked on contract negotiations, compliance and management for more than 20 years. We have successfully reviewed and negotiated thousands of legal contracts and related documents.

For over two decades our lawyers have assisted clients in developing powerful strategies and we’ve yielded successful outcomes. We have the background, skills and expertise to protect you and we can save you valuable time and frustration going through the difficult issues of contract evaluations, audits, drafting negotiation, and review for federal compliance. We handle the process allowing you to focus on the practice of medicine. We simplify the difficult contract reviews and legal contract issues making the process easy for you to manage and understand. Apex has the ability to consistently and cost-effectively provide value to your medical staff and facility.

Apex can help medical facilities tip the scales in their direction, pay fewer noncompliance penalties, and get more value out of their third party vendor contracts.

Start on the right foot

While renegotiating is possibly down the road, the initial contract signed with a vendor is the most important. That’s not just because a lower initial price will help the hospital or medical facilities save money in the future — the first negotiation will set the tone for the entire third party vendor relationship.

Look for a win-win

When we negotiate a contract for the first time or when renegotiating a deal for the medical facility, the ideal changes are to push for provisions that will be those that are beneficial to both the hospital and the third party vendor. The key: knowing where the hospital’s value to the third party vendor lies. For example, if an organization is growing, a third party vendor might be willing to settle for a lower rate because it’s likely that more business will be on the way in the future.

Shop around more

A lot of spending by healthcare organizations goes toward commodities such as cotton balls, linens and other items. And that may affect the way healthcare care professionals shop for services and equipment, according to a report published last year.

Be ready to bail out

Our goal is to get the best deal for the medical professionals — and sometimes that won’t be possible with the first vendor chosen. It’s important not to force a relationship if there are other options available.

Before making too many concessions and signing a deal our team considers whether or not there’s another third party vendor that can offer a better agreement for the medical facility.

Understand contract terms

Third party vendor contracts often come with complex provisions that include plenty of pitfalls for healthcare institutions. By having our Team join you in these contract efforts, we will not only help keep costs down but could also help avoid expensive problems if things don’t go as planned.

Educated negotiators

We negotiate better third party vendor contracts to help our healthcare professionals boost their bottom line.