Our primary focus is helping physicians, hospitals, medical providers and healthcare systems manage and negotiate better third party vendor contracts, draft contracts, meet compliance requirements, recover overpayments of contracts and negotiate reimbursements caused by miscalculations or overpayments. Through strategic, operational, legal and regulatory initiatives, Apex’s team of professionals work to implement revenue recovery and cost containment solutions.

Our team members possess a significant amount of commercial, negotiation and industry experience and have multiple long-term relationships with professionals across the country. Renegotiating outsourcing contracts, whether it is done midterm or at the end of a contract term, requires careful consideration of the changes wanted, urgency, current deal review and risks of renegotiation. We put together Best Practices for Renegotiating Outsourcing Contracts for our customers. We understand that negotiation is the best way to make major changes to an outsourcing contract, but it isn’t easy or quick. It requires careful research, a solid strategy, a formal plan and an understanding of your leveraging points so that both sides can be successful.

Most outsourcing contracts cover six major risk areas that could impair or even ruin the deal. Our negotiators have a plan to recognize these risks and mitigate them. As a healthcare provider, all your initiatives are important, but some are mission-critical when evaluating contracts. Key Initiatives organize the vast Apex resources around the projects and programs at the top of your list, helping you achieve demonstrable business results efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our professionals engage in one-to-one interactions with our clients from organizations statewide. Every day, clients tell us what they do to support their key decisions and processes for the initiatives that matter most to them. We apply that knowledge to deliver targeted insight and valuable tools just in time, from strategic planning through implementation and benefits realization. Our solutions evolve with our clients’ changing needs, but our commitment to quality never changes.

We Are Your Partners

Apex will partner with you to meet your organizational vendor contract needs. Healthcare providers are under pressure to cut costs. One of the areas where they might find some wiggle room: in their vendor contracts for products and services. Hospitals and healthcare providers aren’t doing a terrible job negotiating with vendors. But there’s definitely a lot of room to improve, according to a recent survey from www.healthsystemCIO.com. Our goal is to find ways to help medical providers tip the scales in their direction and get more value out of their third party vendor contracts.